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LXR Law Firm is part of a legal network comprising more than 200 lawyers world wide. We engage in bringing high standard legal services to a reachable and realistic level with respect to both price and scalability, and we're committed to at all times getting the team best qualified to solve the issues at hand. Our core business is in setting up fixed price agreements giving the client a flat rate legal resource corresponding to the attending  requirements. Based on our analysis of the client's needs and history, we're able to - often at an for the client surprisingly low fee - offer a legal service, that constitutes the clients' need for both internal as well as external legal assistance. Being in continuous contact with the client establishes a very close and trusted relationship that is comparable to actually having an internal legal resource. Furthermore most clients will observe a decreasing number of legal issues, as the pro active counseling will simply hinder the escalating of such.


To be able to at all times maintain a proper service level we only allow for a limited number of clients per lawyer. An agreement with LXR Law Firm will therefore consist not only of a back catalogue of more than 200 specialized lawyers, it will make sure, that to make use of this massive amount of knowledge, the client only has to be in contact with one single lawyer. A lawyer that will gain significant and valuable insight and knowledge about the client's business, making the counseling even more value adding.



All aspects of the handling of assets related to technology comprising transfer, licensing, sourcing and general advice.


Establishment, restructuring, mergers, demergers, acquisitions and general advice.


Patents, Utility Models, Copyright, Design, Trademarks, Domain Names, Media & Entertainment.


General Law on Contracts however primarily contracts related to technology.


Advice on the optimization on overall business development with primary focus on optimization connected to technology.


All categories within the area of Employment Law comprising  general Labor Law.


LXR Law Firm is operated by Attorney at Law Nick Langschwager. Nick Langschwager has more than 10 years of experience within the legal industry, working within some of the largest law firms and corporations in Denmark, and has extensive knowledge with giving advice as a counselor externally as well as internally.  Nick Langschwager has unparalleled knowledge on advising within the area of information technology, but has a profound insight in general legislation as well.